Summary of “Is Consciousness Fractal?”

Fractal Splatters: Jackson Pollock’s art concealed a fractal dimension that increased as he aged.
A fractal area will have a dimension between a non-fractal surface, and a volume.
Taylor calculated that the fractal dimensions of Pollock’s work hovered close to 1 in the early days of his experimentation, in 1943, which means they were barely fractal at all.
At the faintest levels, subjects were best able to detect images whose fractal dimensions were most prevalent in nature.
In the brain, as in the heart, “Just right” means just fractal enough to walk the line between chaos and order.
If so many of our deepest acts of expression have a fractal nature to them, could it be that our consciousness itself has a fractal character?
So where do fractals come into play? It is known that EEGs, signals correlated with conscious awareness-like Goldberger’s heartbeats-exhibit fractal dynamics in the time domain.
Giuseppe Vitiello, a physicist at the National Institute for Nuclear Physics in Italy, takes a different approach to the application of quantum physics to brain dynamics-but he, too, likens it to an ordering along fractal lines.

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