Summary of “Reading Lessons”

Then comes the twist: these are all metaphors for internal activities of the mind, and especially for the discipline of reading Scripture.
What Aldhelm noticed – and I suspect he would have thought of all reading this way, not just of the Bible – was that reading was a bundle of related abilities, each of which needed precise training.
We had been reading other Romantic poets in the course; next to Byron and Shelley and Keats, Wordsworth was dry as dust.
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My crash course in reading dramatic texts made me, ironically, a terrible student for an entire semester.
My reading lessons could be purely cognitive, curiously embodied, or startlingly emotional.
These were perhaps the most literal reading lessons I received in undergrad. When I took Toronto’s year-long course in Old English, I had not started a new language in any kind of serious way for over a decade.
Most of my reading lessons ended with my undergraduate education.

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