Summary of “The Crane Wife”

In my novel there were biologists doing field research about birds and I had no idea what field research actually looked like and so the scientists in my novel draft did things like shuffle around great stacks of papers and frown.
The first thing Jeff said was, “We’ll head back to camp, but I hope you don’t mind we run by the liquor store first.” I felt more optimistic about my suitability for science.
These were small things, and I told myself it was stupid to feel disappointed by them.
You look at the things it relies on to live instead. You ask if there is enough to eat and drink.
More than once I’d said to my fiancĂ©, How am I supposed to know you love me if you’re never affectionate or say nice things or say that you love me.
The thing is, we saw twenty pigs on the drive home that night.
There are ways to be wounded and ways to survive those wounds, but no one can survive denying their own needs.
It’s harder to tell the story of how I convinced myself I didn’t need what was necessary to survive.

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