Summary of “Odell Beckham Jr. on Being Traded by the Giants, The Catch, and His Signature Hair”

Are you happier now, or were you happier then?I always say this: I wouldn’t change anything for the world for where I’m at now.
I also always say this: Be careful what you ask for and be careful what you speak.
Why?I didn’t know that getting to that level-or being on the level, like, where a LeBron is at-that I would have to deal with certain things.
Like, I really didn’t know that when I was younger.
People ask me what advice I would give, and I’m just like: Be careful what you ask for.
So let me ask you again: Are you happier now, or were you happier then?At this moment? I’m happier than I’ve ever been.
Honestly, the whole reason I play football is, one, for my momma.
I was a kid playing in the Georgia Dome at halftime for 15 plays, and I was there to watch Mike Vick.

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