Summary of “A scrappy solution to the fashion industry’s giant waste problem”

Last school year, Maione started bringing her students at Parsons School of Design here to give them a first-hand look at the current state wastefulness on the maker side of the fashion industry.
In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that individual Americans generated 16 million tons of textile waste.
Consumer kondo-ing isn’t even the biggest source of the fashion industry’s waste problem.
Although no one is keeping exact track of the scale, commercial textile waste is estimated to account for about 40 times as much fashion waste as residential dumping.
There are laws in place that are supposed to reduce fashion manufacturing waste.
New York City actually requires companies that generate waste consisting of more than 10 percent textiles to recycle rather than trash their excess fabric.
Tracking companies’ waste is challenging; making the recycling law difficult to enforce.
Companies aren’t required to report their waste streams to the city, nor does the city’s Department of Sanitation pick up trash from commercial businesses.

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