Summary of “How to Create a Morning Routine for School, Starting in the Summer”

Summer feels antithetical to morning routines – the days are longer, the weather is perfect for backyard sports and neighborhood adventures, and, of course, there’s sleeping in.
Unstructured days and late starts on summer mornings can make the morning routines harder when it’s time to return to school.
That’s why parents should establish a morning routine for summer and take the pain out of transition.
“The key to a good transition from summer to the routines needed for school is to never give up on having a routine,” explains Dr. Ari Yares, a licensed psychologist and nationally certified school psychologist with more than 15 years of experience working with families and children with academic and behavioral problems.
Kids still need that structure, and a summer routine can also help make those summer days a little bit easier for everyone involved.
It doesn’t have to be the same routine as the school year, but every day should have some structure.
Transitions are easier when they happen slowly, so the transition to a school morning routine should happen over weeks.
ADVERTISEMENT. “As with any transition, it is going to be easier to slowly transition into the school-year routine than it will be to abruptly switch from lazy summer to a frenetic school year,” recommends Yares.

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