Summary of “Political Confessional: The Man Who Thinks The U.S. Is Better Off As A Bunch Of Separate Countries”

Chris went on: “I live in heavy Trump country but know he’s an idiot, but even Trump haters wouldn’t agree to break up the U.S. And certain areas would be horrible for minorities and destroy the environment. But it’s obvious the U.S. has run its course.”
I feel like the U.S. peaked in the ’90s, and I would definitely say that 9/11 is what spurred it on, because I feel like you don’t get to Trump without 9/11. The U.S. has always been, I would say, on the right side of the bell curve when it comes to jingoism – a little bit more patriotic than most countries.
CM: So what kind of new countries do you see forming from the states?
CM: You’re basically making the argument that we should have geographically smaller countries because we’ve gotten too big to make things work?
Chris: It’s largely older people, so you sort of just shrug it off because they’re from a different generation and set in their ways.
I’m curious if you think that this would be an abdication of moral duty if some people were left worse off.
Maybe if we can control the process a little it won’t be quite as bad. CM: In how many years do you think your crazy idea for breaking the U.S. into different countries will be taken seriously as a mainstream idea?
If Democrats win and Trumpism dies off and Republicans maybe try to build a bigger tent and try to win with more votes rather than with voter suppression, I think it could be staved off.

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