Summary of “Want to Be a Great Storyteller? First, Break These Habits”

You’ve heard dozens of times that you’re more likely to engage your audience when you tell a story in your presentation.
Bad Habit No. 1: Giving Too Much Background Your audience won’t understand your story without at least some background information.
Even small doses of narrative evidence can go a long way to backing up the point you want your story to make.
If your story is too drawn out, you risk losing your audience’s attention.
Bad Habit No. 4: Not Including Any Dialogue You need dialogue to bring a story to life, and one line can make for a great climax.
Bad Habit No. 5: Taking Your Audience Through Unnecessary Detours Don’t go off on tangents when you’re building up the action of your story.
You’re telling a story to make your presentation engaging, which means that how you tell it matters just as much as what the narrative entails.
Avoid these traps, and you won’t just tell better stories, you’ll maximize the impact of your overall message, and maybe even leave your audience wanting more.

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