Summary of “Welcome to Lake Duck Pond, a fake town of 82,000 people”

A friend tried to cover for him, saying he was texting while driving, but everyone in town knows Lenny has a drinking problem, a problem that’s only gotten worse since he lost his side gig as a gravedigger.
There are now enough figments to fill an entire town, dubbed Lake Duck Pond.
“I used to spend an unbelievable amount of time on Reddit,” Devuluh says, “And would often passively come up with ideas for subreddits in my head.” After noticing a number of threads where people posted comments like “It’s me ur brother,” Devuluh became curious about whether a community existed where users pretended to know one another.
Two years later, Lake Duck Pond counts 82,200 members, roughly the same population of Sioux City, Iowa.
At the start, it was a fun experiment where people would post once, maybe twice, and then forget about their role.
Weatherman John Levee, one of the most prominent posters in the sub, said he’s drawn to the sense of camaraderie in the town.
“It’s interesting to see how people interact when you aren’t given a backstory, or a character, only the post, and the knowledge that it’s happening in a small town where everybody knows everybody.”
Levee compares it to listening to community radio as a child in the UK, getting broadcasts from a tiny town in the Midwestern US. “I live in the UK, where the idea of having a radio station for a single town was strange,” he told me.

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