Summary of “The 7 Basic Human Needs That Successful Businesses Focus On”

Let’s start with the concept of basic human needs.
The famous economist Manfred Max Neef said, “That the aim of development must be neither producerism not consumerism, but the satisfaction of fundamental human needs, which are not only needs of humanity, but needs of being as well.”
Neef created the ‘Human Scale Development,’ which states, among other things, the following two assumptions: First, fundamental human needs are finite, being limited in number and classifiable.
Second, Neef stated that fundamental human needs are the same in all cultures and in all historical periods.
The idea that all of us, as human beings, have basic needs can be quite revolutionary, especially when you grow up in a society that imposes needs, represented by “Shoulds” and “Should-nots” passed down by previous generations.
These highly successful companies learned early on the importance of connecting their business directly to human needs.
If your main needs are connection and expression, then you want to market to groups that also prioritize those needs.
Once you have identified your own needs and your chosen market and its needs, then it’s time to define your company’s values and needs.

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