Summary of “Here’s How to Get Over Social Media Obligation”

Social media has become our go-to connector, helping us stay in touch with long distance family and friends, generating job leads, or rekindling romantic relationships.
Because of this, there is a weird obligation that comes along with actively participating in social networks that can make it feel like a chore.
So how can we make sure social media feeds us instead of sucking us dry? Dallas-based clinical psychologist Lillian Gibson, Ph.D suggests adding more structure to your social media presence and activity.
“For most people, if they’re on social media for a relaxation tool or a connection tool, I would really recommend that they filter what they want to be on social media for,” Gibson says.
Ask yourself: How long am I am going to be on? What is going to be the purpose and intent of being on social media? Knowing why you’re there will lead to more meaningful connections that result in less forced interactions.
Use social media features to do your dirty workIf unfriending an old acquaintance causes anxiety, there’s an easier way out.
“Some people don’t want to be rude, so take advantage of those social media options to snooze pages as well,” Gibson suggests.
While social media can feel overwhelming, I’m not suggesting you become a grouch.

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