Summary of “The California Sunday Magazine”

We’re the CEOs of a company, and my purview is to make sure I’m utterly crushing it every day at work, and I want Eraina to do the same thing at home.
I’d ask Eraina, “Do you want me to do a worksheet with Ella or work on her school packet?” “Should I prepare a snack?” I also try to put myself in Eraina’s shoes.
Working with our nanny, Ilsa, we kind of live her financial stresses.
If Chrissy has to work in the morning, she wakes up around 3:30 a.m. and leaves while Camden and I stay in bed.
It gave me some me-time, so my whole life wasn’t going to work and being a mom and housekeeper.
After our daughter was born, I got a job working at the campus bookstore, and, on weekends, I found a part-time job working with cleaners.
For a long time, I worked in a camp where migrant workers and field workers lived, and they dropped off their children when they went to work.
He’s a Cuban citizen, and we’re working on reuniting.

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