Summary of “As Student Debt Rises, Teens Are Rethinking the College Experience”

Jake’s top priority isn’t student athletics, a high college rank or a vibrant party scene – it’s to graduate debt-free.
For the past few years, college debt – now the highest it’s ever been – has risen from a taboo dinner topic to one of our most pressing political issues.
Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are leading the conversations with legislative proposals for free public college tuition and student-loan debt forgiveness.
He says these progressive proposals “Sound great,” but he believes he’d be “Well out of college before anything happens.” Debt anxiety influenced Andrew’s decision to spend two years at Haywood Community College in Clyde, North Carolina.
All these college kids talkin bout student loans n stuff like that making me scared shitless for my life.
Zach, a first-generation college student from Fulton, Mississippi, “Didn’t have a clue” what he was doing while applying for colleges.
Even for more fortunate students who plan to pay off their tuition costs in real time, there’s still worry about the trauma of college debt looming large over the entire country.
The only way he can make sense of it is to turn the fear of debt into college motivation.

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