Summary of “A Simple Way to Map Out Your Career Ambitions”

Get the experiences and create a personal experience map.
Create Your Personal Experience Map Since the 70-20-10 ratio says that experiences best accelerate your development, you’ll want to understand which experiences will build your career and the few, most powerful experiences that can close your from/to gap.
A regularly updated personal experience map will help you chart your path.
A personal experience map shows which experiences you want to acquire in the next two to five years to grow your career.
The interviews will provide you with the raw material to create your personal experience map.
Your goal is to sort through this information to find the few experiences that will most accelerate your career.
Select four to seven functional experiences and three to four management experiences you believe will benefit you most and list them on your personal experience map.
The personal experience map is now your guide to continuously grow your high-performing self.

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