Summary of “New Canaan’s Missing Lunch Money”

Headed by Bruce Gluck, a classically trained chef, the kitchens of the New Canaan public schools served farm-to-table fare before such a label existed.
Gluck had his cheerleaders, moms and dads who advocated for the new offerings.
According to a federal lawsuit filed by one of the cafeteria workers, Gluck ran his kitchens with a petty tyranny that verged on caricature.
With her office next to Gluck’s, Wilson endured his storming in and yelling loud enough for workers on the meat slicer to hear him.
Torcasio also filed a federal lawsuit against Gluck, the town of New Canaan, and the school board alleging that Gluck had created a hostile work environment and discriminated against female workers.
If Gluck had been taking $100, that still left money unaccounted for.
Was it possible that Gluck had taken $100 a day, and she and Pascarelli also had each taken $100? Wilson remained adamant: Gluck took the money.
In May, Gluck’s lawyer emailed detectives to say that Gluck would not consent to an interview about the missing money.

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