Summary of “How to use Craigslist Free in NYC”

“I’m soooo sorry I’m late. I had to transfer to the 3 at Atlantic Avenue, and I wasn’t sure where it was, and I just got turned around,” she explained as I handed her a bag containing a heavy, multipart juicer that I hadn’t used-much less looked at-in a couple of years.
For years now, I’ve been getting cheap-indeed free-thrills merely from regularly giving away my possessions on Craigslist.
In New York, where I live, available real estate seems to get smaller and more expensive each year, as the waves of gentrification push ever deeper into the formerly “Outer” boroughs.
When my kitchen cabinets begin to spill over with washed and saved almond butter jars, or my cats decide they don’t care for their new food and water dishes, or I’ve propagated a few too many pothos plants, I turn to a website I have bookmarked on my computer: Craigslist Free.
A short description and a few iPhone photos later, and my post advertising free stuff to whoever will come take it off my hands is out in the world.
Given the rapidity with which strangers respond to my listings, I’ve concluded that there must be people out there who always have a tab open to Craigslist Free-and in my experience, these people are characters.
Corresponding with and meeting these Craigslist characters, in a city that so often feels anonymous, is part of the reason I love Craigslist Free.
Craigslist allows me to do that-and I’m not talking about the “Missed Connections” section.

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