Summary of “Colin O’Brady Wants to Tell You a Story”

For 54 days, O’Brady had trudged alone, fighting whiteouts and howling wind.
O’Brady hadn’t seen Rudd since day six, when the captain had shuffled up beside him in a whiteout.
As news of O’Brady’s victory made its way around the world, ExplorersWeb, an online hub for expedition news that “Makes sure credit is given where credit is due,” pushed back and noted what many in the media had failed to mention-that for the last 300-plus miles of the crossing, O’Brady had followed a man-made “Snow road,” the South Pole Overland Traverse.
When O’Brady takes the stage during lunchtime at the Riverhouse, he tells his story masterfully.
At this point, the story of Colin O’Brady takes off in a rocking montage.
In the early days of his triathlon career, O’Brady made Besaw his manager.
At the time, only two people had completed the Explorers Grand Slam in under a year, but O’Brady did it in 139 days, beating the previous record by 53 days.
At the top of Snow King, Besaw reminds O’Brady of the day’s schedule.

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