Summary of “Meet the Gamer Grandpas: The Seniors Who Spend Retirement Playing ‘Fortnite'”

“I had an online friend who I knew was a serious gamer – she’d even reviewed games for a magazine for a time – and I asked her to recommend a game and teach me how to play it,” he tells me.
“If I’m really into a game, I’ll play during weekdays as well.” And while Star Wars: The Old Republic is still his favorite – “It’s like comfort food; I’ve played all factions, characters and expansions, sometimes several times” – he also enjoys trying new games.
Obviously, it’s probably inevitable that younger generations who have grown up with video games will wheel a cart full of controllers and game systems into retirement homes.
In retirement Michael plays almost every night, “After supper and time with the wife, for about two hours. I try to limit it to that so it won’t get out of hand. It’s a great way to spend time, and it’s fundamentally good to challenge your brain with puzzles and hand-eye difficulties. People, especially us males, need archetypal hero stories and the means to strive to be that hero. Games are a safe place to achieve those needs.”
“It always bugged me that people will sit and watch eight hours of television, but then say playing video games is a waste of time,” adds John, a 60-year-old in San Francisco who dedicates roughly three hours a day to gaming.
“Loneliness is a growing issue with seniors, but gaming grandpas are able to find community in their favorite video games – whether that’s literally in video games, or simply having something in common with younger generations. John, for example,”spent a lot of time playing World of Warcraft and was in a guild, had a real-life meetup with all of the members in San Francisco to see the Warcraft movie.
“I plan to game for as long as I can,” Michael responds when I ask him if he’ll eventually bring his games to a retirement home.
“Well, my generation invented the internet and all the technologies that go along with it. So for those of us seniors who have been using computers for years, gaming provides a wonderful way to structure our time and to have fun. Honestly, gaming has been nothing less than a great boon to seniors.”

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