Summary of “He went to jail as a fake doctor. Now he’s a real one: The saga of Adam Litwin, MD”

Wearing a surgical gown and a mask, 9-year-old Adam Litwin watched in awe as his grandfather, a podiatrist, mended a fractured foot.
Though Litwin must still complete some training and licensing before he can treat patients on his own, he is an MD in the United States.
To accomplish his goal, he first had to get past the time 20 years ago when he went to jail – for impersonating a doctor at UCLA. The way Litwin tells it, he ended up at UCLA because he was blinded by his love of medicine.
“With people who impersonate doctors, how many people end up becoming myself?” Dr. Adam Litwin said.
A friend from that time, Marc Silver, said that through high school Litwin “Would just bring up medicine all the time.” If you said your toe hurt, Litwin would rattle off possible diagnoses, he said.
When they met through mutual friends, Litwin was introduced by his nickname, “Doc.” Litwin claimed he was a cardiologist.
As he approached 40, Litwin decided to stop playing doctor.
Dr. Anupam Jena, a Harvard medical school professor who studies the physician workforce, said Litwin’s biggest impediment may not be his past – having a minor crime, such as a DUI, on an applicant’s record is not uncommon, he said – but the fact that he went to medical school out of the country.

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