Summary of “I’ll Be Loving You Forever”

Gretchen knew how to suck out mosquito and bee venom with a syringe.
Gretchen knew how to escape from a mugger, if the situation ever arose.
For some reason, despite the fact that I was weird and definitely talked too much, Gretchen wanted to be my friend.
“I’ve liked them since ‘Please Don’t Go Girl’.” Like I said: Gretchen knew everything.
What’cha Gonna Do. The noxious combination of mainstream backlash, an aging fanbase in search of a new transitional object, and a rapidly changing musical landscape – my 1993 anthem with Gretchen was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – finally caught up with NKOTB in 1994.
It’s nearing 11:00 by the time Gretchen and I sneak onto the MAX along with approximately 400 other ladies of a certain age wearing similar garb.
As the train drops off more passengers and approaches Gretchen’s stop, I’m no longer thinking about Joey McIntyre’s stage presence or Jordan Knight’s unfortunate politics.
Most of the snaps Gretchen takes are kid-only, but I’m in a few of them, still wearing my NKOTB shirt.

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