Summary of “Accept The Awkwardness: How To Make Friends”

Accept The Awkwardness: How To Make Friends Friendship is hard, but the best way to tackle it is to talk about it.
In this episode, you’ll learn from the experts about how to make new friends and deepen your existing relationships.
What does being a friend mean in a world where hackers are trying to be your “Friend” on Facebook?
Accept the awkwardness and assume that other people need new friends, too.
You have to accept that awkwardness and the vulnerability it stems from, because guess what? You can’t have friends without getting vulnerable.
Ask anyone about how to make friends and they will most likely tell you to try a new hobby.
Having friends is one of the most nourishing parts of being alive, so it’s not weird or bad or wrong to prioritize it.
Journalist Rachel Wilkerson Miller gives great advice about being honest when people ask how you’re doing, plus a detailed guide to how to show up for people in small and large ways.

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