Summary of “In the Straits: The Story of the Inmate Turned Millionaire Turned Lone Survivor”

Seay, who’s been the reassuring voice since they left the dock, has time to get out two chilling syllables.
“He turned out to be completely invaluable,” he would recall years later.
In casinos Seay would get the pair kicked out before they even had a drop to drink.
At the blackjack table one night at Angel of the Winds casino, joking around with each other, they laughed so hard that Seay, stone-cold sober, fell out of his chair.
Whenever Powers sees one get close he shuts his mouth to keep the water out.
With a life jacket still in one hand, Powers pulls Seay up by the jeans, bringing him closer, and places his friend’s head up on his shoulder, so it’s at least a couple of inches higher out of the water.
Elizabeth entered his bedroom one afternoon and found him passed out, with the needle still sticking out of his arm, his lips blue.
Michael Powers spent nearly eight hours in the water, from about 4:45am, when his boat went down, until 12:30pm, when Joe Robinson and crew pulled him out.

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