Summary of “Meet the Safecracker of Last Resort”

“A lot of times I’m driving with my girlfriend or my son,” Santore told me , “And I’m like, ‘I opened a safe here, I opened a safe here, and do you remember the time we opened a safe there?'” The city is full of safes, he meant: Everyone is hiding something.
As Santore completes one job, another will arise in the form of frantic phone calls-a jewelry business locked out of its vault, a suburban father whose gun safe no longer operates, an investor flipping houses who discovers a locked safe in the floor of her newest conquest.
At one extreme, the safecracker must be a true gearhead, someone who can put his head down, avoid distraction, and deal, one on one, with an inhuman opponent-the safe or vault.
A couple’s wedding rings are locked inside a defective hotel safe and the ceremony starts in only an hour, or a mother is sending her daughter on a college trip to France but the girl’s passport is stuck inside the family safe, or paranoid heirs are tearing each other apart over an inheritance that sits locked inside a jewel safe in their father’s old den.
I learned about a safecracker who seeks out rural auctions in the Midwest to buy the safes of dead farmers, contents included, occasionally finding items of real value inside.
Elaad Israeli, a 35-year-old safecracker with Precision Lock & Safe in Queens, told me that he almost got arrested after unwittingly helping a man rob his own father: The guy’s ID matched the name of the safe’s owner, but it turned out to be a case of Junior ripping off Senior.
John Greenan, a 58-year-old safecracker at Fink Safe & Lock in Chicago, told me about cracking safes at the Federal Reserve building, as well as a long-sealed vault door in the basement of a Chicago cathedral.
One of the local attendees remarked that he had an entire warehouse on the industrial edge of town filled with nearly 80 locked safes that all needed to be opened; the man asked McOmie if he would be willing to lead a workshop there, to show everyone how some of the more difficult and exotic safes could be opened.

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