Summary of “Don’t Let Your Inner Fears Limit Your Career”

The majority of management literature is focused on helping leaders conquer their fears.
Through our firm’s work with thousands of executives over 30 years, we have come to believe that unrecognized or unacknowledged core fears are almost always a root cause of professional distress and unattained potential.
From our work, we’ve created a four-step process of rigorous self-reflection that countless executives have used to understand their fears and become better leaders.
Protecting oneself from the imagined consequences of these fears can be helpful – pushing you to work harder and achieve more.
As Suzanne began to see how her unfounded fears were worsening her behavior, she began to understand she didn’t have to meet an unattainable ideal.
Suzanne’s arduous self-examination of her fears has turned her life around.
None of us will ever be free from fear, and it’s unrealistic to expect that we can always put our fears in their place.
Even when the stakes of admitting their fears feel high, leaders are always more effective when they are candid and do the hard work to right-size their fears.

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