Summary of “The Ultimate Guide for Reinventing Yourself”

The wonderful thing about proactively reinventing yourself is that it could serve to prevent the unnecessary and very uncomfortable need for reactive measures.
Now is a good time to consider whether or not there are things going on that call for a big change in your life or business.
For many years ahead, there would be more foreclosures than home purchases; the nosedive that Rebecca’s business took had no foreseeable end.
Rebecca had two choices: change careers or reinvent her current business.
Since the change was deliberate and well-executed, my client quickly became a sought-after expert for members of the press, both local and national.
If your current market is evolving or affected by change it may be wise to stop the struggle and reinvent yourself and your business now.
Our business coaching journey took a turn that Charlotte did not anticipate when I suggested she reinvent her business altogether.
If your business isn’t working out for any reason, examine your other gifts, experience, and knowledge.

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