Summary of “Less Tweeting, More Doing”

So we spew forth on social media as if those words-whether vitriolic or rational-are a replacement for doing.
Unless you count rifting, tweeting isn’t doing.
As an antidote to my own spewing, both as a columnist whose essays about climate change are as invisible as methane and as a social media user, I’ve been making an effort to do more doing lately.
The public land that we’re etching the trail on is also the result of doing.
Today, college kids and retirees raise hoppy beers and float through the same downtown where the doing began.
The federal-level doing doesn’t get done, and all we’re left with is the governance of deconstruction-each administration dismantling what the prior administration merely reinstated through executive orders.
Writer and activist Rick Bass calls such local doing “Knife fighting.” I reached out to him after he and the Save the Yellowstone Grizzly movement, along with a battalion of scientists and activists and Native peoples, were able to win a delay in the scheduled grizzly hunts in Wyoming and Idaho.
Could a global knife fight of doing follow that trajectory, with local actors changing the course of a community of nations? On a whim, I attended a climate change action march in September.

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