Summary of “Meet the Marathon Cheats”

For a sport with few material rewards, marathon running has produced some illustrious cheats.
His specialism is in outing runners who fraudulently obtain qualifying times for the Boston Marathon.
In 2018, a thread was posted to the Runner’s World forum: “London Marathon Cheaters – let’s do this”.
Several runners named in the thread told versions of the same story: they had intended to run the full distance until they became tired or injured.
For Convery, any marathon runner who takes a shortcut to the finish line is doing a disservice to the sport.
In a statement, he said: “We have processes in place which identify the very small number of runners with anomalies in their results and these runners are contacted by our results team to request an explanation. If no adequate explanation is received, their results are removed from the system and the runner is asked to return their finisher’s medal.”
Every year, more than 50,000 people will line up to run the New York Marathon.
Each will emerge with their own story: of overcoming mental and physical hurdles just to make it to the start line, of summoning previously untapped reserves to run a personal best, of races run in memory of loved ones or in support of meaningful causes.

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