Summary of “Break Bad Habits With a Simple Checklist”

No matter how sophisticated your strategies to rid yourself of bad habits and create good ones, you’re less likely to succeed if you don’t track and review your progress frequently.
After receiving some particularly stinging feedback from a colleague that confirmed what his boss had shared, Yi-Min vowed to be a better leader.
Together, we crafted a plan to help Yi-Min achieve his goals.
In order to listen better, Yi-Min could have left all devices behind for every meeting, but that would be a hard shift to make.
Reviewing his patterns also allowed Yi-Min to recognize when he was ready to introduce another habit aimed at achieving his goal.
After practicing with one meeting a day, Yi-Min slowly increased the number of device-free meetings he attended until, four months later, he no longer used devices in meetings at all.
Yi-Min replaced the old one on the chart with the next one in his goal of being a better listener: paraphrasing what he heard at least once a day.
You can set goals to achieve your dreams or improve your behavior, but without actionable ways to move forward and a way to measure progress, you’ll fall back into your old bad habits once again.

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