Summary of “Why You Need Emotional Intelligence To Succeed In Business”

“Emotional intelligence, as we described it, is the capacity to reason about emotions and emotional information, and of emotions to enhance thought. People with high EI, we believed, could solve a variety of emotion-related problems accurately and quickly.”
Identify Your Emotions Daniel Goleman, another EI pioneer, and the author of Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, argues that we have two minds.
If you don’t journal, start doing it for the sake of EI. The first step is to identify how you feel and what triggers your emotions.
Interpret Your Emotions Once you have a better picture of how you respond to different situations in life, it’s time to understand them.
Manage Your Emotions This is a big part of succeeding in business.
I’ve applied the above 3-step method to improve my ability to identify my own emotions.
What you will find is this: When you can identify your own emotions, you will also get better at identifying other people’s emotions.
A real leader knows the emotions of another person better than the person himself.

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