Summary of “Stop Being Positive and Just Cultivate Neutrality For Existential Cool”

You’ve likely been asked how you see the proverbial glass: half full or half empty? Your answer allegedly reflects your attitude about life-if you see it half full, you’re optimistic, and if you see it half empty, you’re pessimistic.
Actually, the glass isn’t half full or half empty.
Things aren’t mutually exclusive, awesome or awful.
This provides clarity and eliminates obstacles, making things neither awesome nor awful but cool.
We identify with our thoughts, and decide whether or not we like things before experience begins.
Things can go just so or totally awry once you understand that all things are fine, their upsides and downsides to be determined.
Plus, everything is relative and shifting, In an uncertain world with so many forces at play, the only thing that’s sure is that things could be different and won’t stay the same.
You may as well stay neutral in that case, rather than get attached to a temporary state in which the glass is half full or half empty.

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