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“In 2019 30 of the world’s leading scientists released the results of a massive three-year study into global agriculture and declared that meat production is destroying our planet and jeopardizing global health,” said Bruce Friedrich, cofounder and executive director of the Good Food Institute, an organization that supports the creation of plant-based and cell-based meat, in a TED Talk.
The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified processed meat as a human carcinogen due to its association with colorectal cancer, and WHO has classified red meat as “Probably” carcinogenic because of its links to colorectal cancer.
Whether it’s your steak-loving partner or parent or your tween cousin who lives on chicken nuggets, here are 7 steps to take to persuade them to cut down on eating meat.
Let’s call the meat eater in your life “M.” The absolute worst time to engage M in a discussion like this is when they’ve got a forkful of roast beef or roast chicken en route to their mouths.
The meat industry is rapidly changing, and plant-based meat – such as the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat – is gaining popularity.
Although plant-based meat is currently pricier than conventional meat, the cost is expected to go down as demand and competition rise.
According to Friedrich, plant-based meat will be cheaper than traditional meat.
It’s made from actual meat cells, so it will look and taste just like the meat they currently eat.

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