Summary of “Learning Is Supposed to Feel Uncomfortable”

Here’s the thing: While the act of learning is primarily intellectual, behavioral, or methodological, the experience of learning is primarily emotional.
It’s the emotional experience of learning – of being a beginner and making mistakes, often publicly – that often keeps people from even trying to learn.
“I don’t want to be harsh,” I told her, “But honestly, I wouldn’t trust you as a leader if I didn’t see you learning as a participant.”
Because while learning may not be that hard, being a learner – a beginner at something – can be very hard.
They are the inescapable growth pains that come with learning, developing, and becoming better at something.
Then look for learning situations where the stakes are low – maybe a class where you’re not expected to be an expert or you don’t know anyone else.
Learning takes time and comfort takes experience.
That said, there is one thing the workshop did make me more comfortable doing: staying in the discomfort of learning long enough to learn.

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