Summary of “Tracking Down the $7.6 Million Teardrop Talbot-Lago”

Joe lives in a development a few miles west of the $15 million mansions lining the sea, on the workaday side of the Intracoastal Waterway.
Joe worked with his heirs to gain part ownership and traveled the U. S., interviewing past owners and authorities and tracking the car’s provenance.
Calling Joe a “South Florida hustler and con man,” they said they had only received $150,000 apiece from the sale of the Ferrari, while Joe took $2.4 million.
For two years, Joe went to work crafting a history of the Teardrop.
Somehow the stolen Teardrop had ended up in the hands of Joe’s friend turned enemy, who had sold it for more than $7 million to the novice collector.
Motor-­vehicle authorities contacted the Milwaukee police, who called Mueller-its rightful owner-and the FBI. Mueller, who was then working with Joe to find the car, demanded the return of the Teardrop.
After his arrest, he became cooperative, giving them the motor as well as his computers and files, which contained information tying him to what Joe believes is a $60 million network of international car thieves-all run by his former friend.
“I’ve been coming here for years,” Joe says, sucking down an oyster.

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