Summary of “Toys Are Taking Vacations and Seeing the World”

Azuma grew up, but as she got older, she rediscovered a passion for soft toys.
Azuma isn’t alone-lots of adults make toys a centerpiece of their travel dispatches.
She then identified some common trends, such as the desire to “Accumulate travel culture capital” by sharing pics of toys posed in world tourism hotspots.
Something about pictures of toys by famous world landmarks makes a certain breed of traveler feel particularly worldly-the familiar and the foreign together, as if it is the most natural thing in the world.
Clients ship their toys to Azuma, and they stay with her for two or three weeks, during which time their adventures are promptly reported back to their owners via social media posts.
“From poses to accompanying captions, there was a clear trend of toys appearing to experience travel. The toys were photographed worried about missing public transport, deciding on their next meal and, of course, posing in front of famous tourist sites,” she explains.
Traveling toys are often pictured engaging in human activities, instead of just seeing the sites.
In addition to the agencies in Japan and France, there is now Toy Voyagers, a website that connects traveling toys with hosts, and Omanimali, a toy-passport-issuing organization based in Germany.

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