Summary of “22,000 Days Without Drinking Water”

The same journey he has been repeating for sixty years now; 22,000 days without clean drinking water.
Two million people don’t have drinking water piped into their houses in Bolivia and half of the population lacks basic sanitation.
Jacinta Sirpa on his way to his only source of water – through a barren landscape, an hour away from home.
These days he prefers to ask government institutions to address his problem of water scarcity rather than praying to the goddess.
In the Aymara society, Mallkus are rotating positions, their holder charged with ensuring the community has enough water.
He was born one kilometer away from a water well and his mother had to walk every day to bring water home.
Two of the neighboring towns, Achica Arriba and Achica Baja, recently built new drinking water distribution systems with money given by NGOs and international development agencies.
Worked on “Bolivia’s Everyday Water War,” an interactive documentary that follows the struggle in the Andean country to improve water access and sanitation.

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