Summary of “19 Things Future Multimillionaires Do in Their 20s”

The truth is that even if you’re starting with little, there are things you can do early in your life and career-in your 20s, mostly-that can make it far more likely you’ll be very wealthy by the time you hit 30.
Boil down their experiences and there are common things they did earlier in life.
As a young person, spend your time doing things that matter to you and that build value.
Lots of people in their 20s quickly submit to things they shouldn’t.
Volunteer, but do so with three things in mind: First, volunteer to do things that you feel good about.
Second, volunteer to do things that will be learning experiences.
Life is a lot more fun if you spend it working hard at things you really enjoy and value.
Travel, write, play music, jump out of airplanes-do the things you’ll be talking about for years to come.

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