Summary of “The Soundtrack You Need for Traveling the World With Your Kids”

This song truly was the soundtrack to our travels in Europe, reflecting the glumness which was overtaking our children as they realized that we weren’t kidding, we really were doing this trip for a whole year.
Carly Rae Jepsen, “Cut to the Feeling”That glumness was briefly overcome by the pure joy of Carly Rae’s summer 2017 single, a song that soundtracked a number of dance parties in the kitchen of our flat in Delft.
To me all Dutch sounded like throat-clearing, which made this terrific song by a Dutch rapper-the extremely cinematic video of which was always playing on the widescreen TV in our local doner kebab joint-very funny to my ears.
Soon the whole family had made up our own version of the song, “No Mosquitoes,” an ode to the insects who tortured us hour upon hour, ignoring the industrial-strength Deet we slathered on each morning.
As we spent hours doing nothing in an attempt to embrace the mega-chill, pura vida lifestyle of our tiny beach town, Lyra played the same nine M.I.A. songs over and over on the little Bluetooth speaker we had set up on our porch.
Often we’d drive down the road to S├ámara town with this song blaring from the car speakers.
You might think John Cougar Mellencamp has just the one song about small towns-this one-but you’d be wrong.
On our final night in Hays, a freezing-cold December evening, Erin and Manuel invited us to their house for their annual posada, a Christmas tradition from Manuel’s native Mexico City, and dozens of us sang this song together-a song narrated by a Joseph who finds, in a stable in Bethlehem, a place where he and Mary can take shelter at last.

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