Summary of “An Ode to Running in the City”

Here’s the thing: occasionally, and unexpectedly, I’m hit with a bout of nostalgia for a run through the city.
Most of the time, I specifically long for nighttime city runs.
Before I moved to D.C., I lived in Boston-a city overflowing with running culture and history.
On those inevitable rough days when the miles inched by and I forgot what it meant to be fast, it felt like I was out running with the rest of the city.
Because of the crowds and inherent busy nature of the city, living in one also often means returning to a small roster of reliable running routes.
Every morning, as I passed the same piers, tennis courts, and grassy parks, I was confronted by the same thoughts I’d had while running the identical route the day before-and I could watch as my thoughts slowly evolved for the better.
The banality of running the same route over and over turned my attention back toward myself; my surroundings acted as bookmarks for what I’d been thinking at that spot on the previous day’s run.
The nature of city running also makes any opportunity for a trail run-where you can find it-feel even more precious.

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