Summary of “”The World According To Fannie Davis” Is BuzzFeed Book Club’s October Pick”

I’ve already learned that the best time to tell Mama difficult news, something that could get you in trouble, is during that brief, expectant pause in the day.
Mama throws on her soft blue leather coat, the color of the Periwinkle crayon in my Crayola box, and together we slide into her new Buick Riviera; are we headed back to school to confront Miss Miller? Thank God no, as Mama heads south, away from Winterhalter Elementary; she soon turns onto Second Avenue, drives to the corner of Lothrop, and parks in front of the New Center building.
Mama takes my hand and leads me to the children’s shoe department, where an array of options spreads before us.
We lived well thanks to Mama and her Numbers, which inured us from judgment.
After Mama died in 1992, my sister Rita briefly took over running the business; but she eventually closed it down and our family’s life in Numbers ended, and with it, the threat of exposure disappeared.
To maintain our comfort, Mama fought steadily against the threats of fierce competition and wipeouts, but also against exposure and police busts-and thanks to the cash business she was in, armed robberies and break-ins.
Yes, Mama could get busted, but I didn’t process what that meant: that our good life would end.
Scariest of all is this: the only way for me to tell Mama’s story is to defy her, by running my mouth.

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