Summary of “The Doting Boyfriend Who Robbed Armored Cars”

Shadowing him around Houston in their unmarked cars FBI agents weren’t convinced that Batiste was all that he appeared to be.
Vivian King, a Houston attorney who represented Batiste on some of his cases, told me that Batiste was “One of the most well-mannered clients I ever had, perfectly polite, always saying ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am’ to me whenever we talked.” And curiously enough, after his 2009 conviction, he seemed to abandon his criminal impulses altogether.
When I interviewed Okoh over lunch at one of her and Batiste’s favorite restaurants, the District 7 Grill, in Midtown, I asked if she knew of any reason why Batiste might have started robbing armored cars.
The following day, Batiste was in the vicinity of the bank at 8:20 a.m. At eleven-thirty, a Loomis armored car pulled up next to the bank’s outdoor ATM. Batiste watched as the messenger replenished the ATM with a new cassette.
Forty-five minutes later, Hill returned, this time in another car he owned, a black Infiniti QX56. After the armored car left, Batiste and Hill drove to nearby Greenspoint Mall.
During his conversation with Batiste, Phillips mostly listened as Batiste vaguely described a problem.
At a detention hearing, when asked about other robberies Batiste had carried out, Jeffrey Coughlin, a young FBI agent who had helped lead the investigation, remained cagey, declaring that the FBI “At this time” was only connecting Batiste to the two armored car robberies in March and August of 2016.
Shortly after the December shoot-out, Houston police chief Art Acevedo, who had been briefed on the FBI’s investigation, announced at a press conference that there was a “High probability” that Batiste was involved in all of the murders of Houston’s armored car messengers over the previous two years, including the shooting of Alvin Kinney, in February 2015.Regardless of the number of robberies Batiste committed, members of the task force must have realized they were lucky to catch him when they did.

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