Summary of “27 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself”

Do you use cheesy clich├ęs, overblown superlatives, or breathless adjectives to describe yourself in your social media profiles and marketing materials? Do you write things about yourself you would never actually have the nerve to say?
Here are some words that are great when other people use them to describe you-but you should never use to describe yourself, along with a few other words that everyone seems to use.
Say you have “Extensive experience in web design.” Fine, but how long you’ve been in business indicates nothing: You could still be the worst programmer in the world.
What matters more is what you’ve done: how many sites you’ve created, how many back-end systems you’ve installed, how many customer-specific applications you’ve developed …. Don’t tell us how long you’ve been doing it.
Some of those terms may truly describe you, but since they are being used to describe everyone, they’ve lost their impact.
You’ve gotten results, made things happen, come through in the clutch … so share a few facts and figures instead. Describe on-time performance rates, or waste percentages, or under-budget statistics; let your track record be proved by your achievements.
Refer to yourself that way, and it’s obvious you’re trying way too hard to impress other people-or yourself.
Try the word focus, concentration, or specialization instead. Or try love, as in, “I love incorporating an elegant design aesthetic in everyday objects.” For whatever reason, that works for me.

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