Summary of “The Digital Athletes of the Future: Earning $1.6 Million Behind a Keyboard”

If you’ve never watched a game of Dota 2 before, you might be overwhelmed at first.
In 2017, the premier competition, The International, hosted by the game’s creator, Valve, had over 92 million online viewers, the majority based in China.
While collectively over 509 million hours of play were watched, 465 million hours came from viewers there.
Earning a Living As a Professional GamerIvanov, who is based in Estonia, is better known in the professional gaming world as Puppey, captain of Team Secret.
While most professional athletes had trainers to help them gain the skills to go pro, most gamers who have reached the professional level did so without coaches or trainers.
While there are varying paths to success as a professional gamer, as Ivanov puts it bluntly, you just have to be really good.
“It’s similar for Dota, which has a very small window for success. There are 10 million players, and about 50 are kind of earning a good living right now. The others are in the middle.”
What’s changing is the acceptance of the career path and the profile of the professional gamer.

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