Summary of “The Single Most Important Interview Technique That Nearly Everyone Leaves Out”

What they lacked was that most important quality that you need to look for in every hire, empathy.
I’m sure these people have some old and deep scars that account for their lack of empathy, but I’m not a therapist and my role isn’t to run a rehab clinic, but to choose people who will add value and integrity to your company.
How do you interview for empathy? Well, the good news is that you can.
The interview techniques most of us use will never surface a lack of empathy.
If you talk to a narcissist, which is the supreme form of a person who lacks empathy, you will get outstanding responses.
An Out Of Body Experience To get at a person’s inherent ability to express empathy you need to get them to step outside of themselves.
It won’t take long to figure out if the person you’re interviewing does in fact have a capacity and a competency for empathy.
These qualities are not in opposition to empathy; it’s not zero sum! If you expect to hire leaders and team players who will build long term trust and committed teams then you need to hire people who have the capacity to listen to and feel for others.

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