Summary of “NBA’s six most intriguing players”

8:24 AM ET. It’s time for our first fall tradition: picking the six most intriguing players of the season.
“My mind is blown. Eating is almost not enjoyable anymore.” Isaac says he has eaten five or six “Real meals” every day to add heft to his string-bean frame – without compromising the quickness and switchability that hold All-Defense promise.
Against some teams, the Magic toggled assignments so Aaron Gordon would defend behemoth power forwards – leaving Isaac to trail wings.
Jeff Van Gundy often had Isaac defend wings during practices with the USA Select team; during that camp, Isaac says he texted Pat Delany, an Orlando assistant, requesting Delany prepare film of players who were good at scampering around with wings.
Isaac shot 38 percent from deep after the All-Star break last season, and carrying that over is one of Orlando’s most important swing factors.
Isaac averaged just 0.54 points per possession on post-ups, second worst among 166 players who logged at least 25 such plays last season, per Second Spectrum.
Most players return home after doing local media the day after being drafted.
Detroit hides Kennard on the least threatening opposing players.

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