Summary of “What Parents Can Do to Nurture Good Writers”

Steve Graham, a professor at Arizona State University’s Teachers College, has been researching how young people learn to write for more than 30 years.
How does reading at home help children become better writers?
Should a parent correct a child’s writing, or just be encouraging?
Is social media hurting children’s writing at school?
We can use that to our advantage, working with kids on how we’d put that writing in a more formal situation.
What should parents look for to assess the writing instruction at their child’s school?
It’s like we’ve imagined that kids have acquired what they need to know to be good writers by then! In middle and high school, the most common activities are fill-in-the-blanks on worksheets, writing single sentences, making lists or writing a paragraph summary.
So the first questions are: “Is my kid writing at school, and was he given writing assignments to work on at home? Do those require writing more extended thoughts for the purposes of analysis and interpretation?” That’s what they need to be able to do for college.

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