Summary of “McMillions: How McDonald’s Employee Amy Murray Helped Take Down a $24 Million Crime Ring”

McDonald’s communications manager Amy Murray was sweating, and not just because of the weather.
Murray-there under the guise of filming a public relations video-was actually part of a top-secret FBI mission to prove Hoover’s involvement in a scheme to cheat the country’s second largest fast food chain, and its 69 million customers, out of the game.
She’d been a loyal McDonald’s employee her entire professional life, having risen through the ranks to lead its “Games” department.
Once described as the company’s “McQueen” by a former Ronald McDonald clown, Murray was known as a likable but tough public relations staffer around the office.
Agent Matthews had reason to believe Hoover duped McDonald’s, and requested Murray set up a meeting with him to film a promotional video about Monopoly winners.
The admission led authorities to other fraudulent winners and, eventually, helped them identify former police officer Jerome Jacobson, or “Uncle Jerry,” as the brains behind the nationwide scam that netted a whopping $24 million.
Jacobson, a former security director of the marketing company that manufactured the McDonald’s game pieces, had made sure the winning ones ended up in the hands of his friends, including a well-respected Mormon dad and a member of the infamous Colombo crime family.
As a reminder that she did help law enforcement catch a con artist, Murray uses an FBI mousepad in her McDonald’s office and keeps a thank you letter from Agent Matthews in a drawer at home.

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