Summary of “So you want to read classic books during the coronavirus pandemic”

If you are the kind of person who likes to embark upon a project in times of stress, there are worse choices during quarantine than trying to read your way through a bunch of the classic great books.
If your only plan is to read books you vaguely understand to be classics, the idea of starting can be overwhelming.
Books for when you want something familiar and accessible If you want a classic that you can probably finish in about a day and still be able to get plenty out of, turn to the high school reading list staples: They won’t be very long or very dense, and plenty of them are damn good books.
If you want to read back in time, to ease your way into the transition, start with Jane Austen.
You might feel intimidated by the number of pages, but I promise you that if you can read other 19th-century literature, these books are all well within your capabilities as a reader.
Now is the time for The Waves! Now is the time for Ulysses! Now is the time for formal prose experiments that you’re not totally sure you’ll ever fully grasp but want to read anyway, just to see if you can!
Read the Zora Canon, a list of the 100 greatest books by African American women writers.
There are so many books out there waiting for you to read them, and so many of them are good.

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