Summary of “How to Avoid Burnout in the Middle of a Pandemic”

Notice your wordsWords have a way of becoming reality.
Allow yourself to vent, allow yourself to release all your fears and worries, but then find a way to pivot and channel your fears and worries into something productive.
A side hustle can help you feel in controlIf you are worried about your job security-or if you have been laid off-developing a side hustle can be a productive way to pick up new skills while also giving you a way to regain control over your situation.
If nothing else, this will help you regain a sense of purpose, which is key to weathering periods of potential burnout.
Instead of bottling up them all up, Ziegler suggests listing them all out and then-and this is the key part-coming up with strategies for how you would cope if the worst happened.
“Give yourself your moment,” Ziegler says.
Just the act of thinking through them will help your regain a sense of perspective and control.
Even in the middle of all these worries and anxieties, there are still actions we can take to help mitigate the worst effects.

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