Summary of “What the NBA Is Discussing About Its Restart”

If the entire regular season needs to be canceled, the NBA would begin with the postseason, and only 16 teams would need to play.
“It’s the responsibility of the league to explore all of our options for a return to play this season,” NBA chief communications officer Mike Bass said in a statement to The Ringer when asked about Silver’s contingency plans.
“I want the year to come back. I’m not gonna act like I know if we will, but I just really hope we do.” But one front office executive on a Western Conference lottery team said that while the NBA isn’t messaging that their seasons are finished, the thought is that the league won’t have the time or resources to bring all 30 teams to one location and play out the regular season.
Where will games be played? Nothing has been determined yet, and many pitches have been made to the NBA by venues to host games, but Disney World appears to have an edge because it’s a private property with thousands of hotel rooms, which means it could create a “Bubble” to keep players safe.
MGM Grand recently made a proposal to the NBA and numerous other sports leagues to host a return to play.
Will players prefer for the cap to go down this offseason so there will be more money in the pot for the 2021 offseason? The 2020 class is weak, and many players who could have earned big paydays, like Andre Drummond and Gordon Hayward, could opt in to the final year of their contracts anyway.
Sources say the NBA is hoping that all players, coaches, and staffers will be in their respective teams’ cities by early-to-mid-June in order to begin training camp.
Waiting will allow the NBA to avoid the bad optics of being the first league to reopen, and give it more information about what worked, what didn’t work, and whether resuming play is even possible.

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