Summary of “The Brutal Truth About Why Being a Leader Is So Hard”

Being a great leader is so much harder than it looks.
What’s difficult about leadership is that nobody ever sits you down and “Teaches” you what being a real leader is all about.
Even on sports teams, the leader is usually the best player-and wears a letter on his or her jersey as a trophy of their accomplishments.
That’s not what being a leader is all about.
As a leader, it’s up to you to put yourself second, and operate in a way that allows others to feel at ease, others to feel understood, others to work in the way that’s best for them-even if it’s not the way you operate.
What makes this mentality so difficult is that, in every capacity, it asks that you, as a leader, put yourself last.
You, as a leader, have to take a step back from your impulsive, emotional reactions, and instead operate from a place of calm understanding.
It’s learned through diligent self-inquiry, and constantly practicing the art of being flexible in the way you communicate and lead others.

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